Imbaraga Trail Nyungwe National Park

Imbaraga Trail in Nyungwe National Park, is one of the most challenging and very long hiking trails in Nyungwe. The trail cut across a number of other trails in the park, and many can use some part of the trail to head for the canopy walk in Nyungwe forest, for the nature trail experience. This loop trail circumnavigates the head of the Bururi valley, passing through habitats that range from under-story thickets high on Uwinka ridge to lush riverine forests 500 meters below. Special features include great views down and across the Bururi Valley, some of the finest trees in the park, and four lovely waterfalls. A number of bird species can as well be encounter during the nature hike in the forest. There are a number of stopovers to take a rest as one hike this amazing trail.

imbaraga trail
imbaraga trail in Nyungwe forest National Park

This trail is favorite for those who would want to have a long hike, as the trail is roughly 9.8 km, and can be completed in about 6 hours round trip walk, in the forest. Due to the long walk, you will need to be physically fit, and in good shape to be able to complete this trail – hence, its kinyarwandan name means ‘strength’.

Imbaraga Trail in Nyungwe National Park, which winds steeply up forested slopes, with an elevation of 2400 meters above the sea level. Due to the long hours of hiking the Imbaraga trail, the hikers are advised to carry enough water, and packed lunch plus snacks, as they may end up having a full day experience. You are also advised to carry energy drinks, and rain jackets to protect you against down pour in case it happens, as you’re in a tropical rain forest, which means any time we can receive rain as we hike. The hiking can be done year-round, and one can easily book for this wonderful hiking adventure.

One can hike Imbaraga trail in Nyungwe National Park, along with other trails, and activities within the park such as the chimpanzee trekking, colobus monkey trekking, nature walks, canopy walk in Nyungwe forest, bird watching in Nyungwe forest and much more. On your visit Rwanda Safaris, for gorilla trekking safari in Volcanoes National Park, end ever to include the Imbaraga trail hiking as you proceed to Nyungwe National Park, for your Rwanda safari adventure. Discover the hidden treasure of Nyungwe National Park, by taking a hike, through the Imbaraga Trail.