Rukuzi trail in Nyungwe National Park

Rukuzi trail in Nyungwe National Park, being a primate leading trail, as often used when heading for the chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe forest, this trail is most liked by many visitors, also boosting as one of the longest trails in Nyungwe forest, stretching for over 9.1 kilometers, the trail is so much rewarding. The estimated hour of accomplishing this trail is 5 hours, for a round trip. The major attraction in the park, is chimpanzee trekking, and this has made the trail to also be famous, as it’s often used. The trails are also among the 15 Trails in Nyungwe forest National Park, which are being designed and maintained for those who would love to experience nature on foot.

Rukuzi trail
Rukuzi trail in Nyungwe National Park

Rukuzi trail in Nyungwe National Park, is more difficult as it’s a long trail, and takes more hour’s, one needs to be in good physical shape to be able to handle the long distance against the time frame. Some visitors however hike middle way and return, just to have an experience of this trail.

The Rukuzi trail in Nyungwe National Park, is tough however in rainy season, and most favorite in dry season, as many tourists prefer to undertake the hiking on this trail, expecting to encounter the chimpanzees, which has been a scenario to some lucky visitors, during their hiking adventure.

The trail is used as a chimpanzee trekking trail in Nyungwe forest National Park, however those doing hiking, can as well do share the same route. Chimpanzees often do feed on some fruiting trees along the roadside, or you may encounter a community crossing the roadside as the feed around the forest.  On a lucky day, you will meet the crazy primates on the trail, and that will be the highlight of the trek.

Other than encountering the chimpanzees along the trail, while hiking on the Rukuzi trail, other primates and bird species can as well be spotted during the trek, as well as meeting a number of plant species along the trail on a lucky, though not a guarantee, as you’re in the wilderness. Number of a traction are observed as one hikes the trail, including the Banda village, which can be seen from a distance, and sound of the village children playing can be overheard.

The Rukuzi trail in Nyungwe National Park is fascinating, with endless attraction along the way. You can combine your Rukuzi trail hiking in Nyungwe National Park with colobus monkey trek, chimpanzee trekking, canopy walk, bird watching or even combined it with multi day tour to Volcanoes National Park, for Rwanda gorilla trekking safari, or Akagera national park, for Rwanda wildlife safari. Take your hiking adventure to Nyungwe forest and have great experience of Rukuzi trail.