Uwinka Trail in Nyungwe National Park

Uwinka Trail in Nyungwe National Park is a 17.8 kilometers spectacular trail that usually starts from the Uwinka reception center (Park headquarters). This Trail is one of the longest but among the most popular trails done by tourists because it is not too strenuous compared to other hiking trails in the park. Uwinka Trail is considered to be an average hiking trail that goes one way into the rain forests and takes about 8 hours to complete the circuit, although it is considered a difficult hike and would require some hiking experience, Uwinka Trail in Nyungwe National Park is a perfect trail taking through stunning ravines, impressive tall trees with long and lovely stretches that offer the most perfect views of Nyungwe forests and the Kamiranzovu wetland from a magical highly elevated point.

Uwinka Trail
Uwinka trail

This popular Uwinka trail reveals the beauty of this Nyungwe National Park a remarkable destination in Rwanda where you will meet with the Chimpanzees. As you follow the trail with off the beaten path through the vast tropical forests, you will be able to sight delighting features such as the Grey – cheeked Mangabey monkeys spotted in treetops as well as troops of Colobus monkeys that can be seen crossing across the forests.

There are great chances to connect to other different nature hiking trails while strolling down on Uwinka trail in Nyungwe National Park, these other trails such as the Umugote trail and imbaraga trail also give the best views of fascinating attractions. There is an attractive bend and view of the main road when you branch off a little from Uwinka trail to imbaraga trail.

Tourists who do nature walks in Nyungwe National Park on Uwinka trail, strolling deeply into the mist covered forests after many kilometers, experience amazing sights of several stunning ridges, there is also a unique historical carapa grandifora tree after the last bench towards the end of the trail that is believed to be medicinal. The Angolan black and white Colobus monkeys as well as blue monkeys have used it for medicine.

Hiking adventures in Nyungwe National Park are one of the perfect ways to unleash the hidden treasures found in this pristine National Park, you might want to include other amazing activities to your list of What to do in Nyungwe National Park. You can choose to encounter with the chimpanzees in their natural habitat, on a magical Chimpanzee trekking experience and get to relate with these apes that will totally change your personal perspectives, there is an extra ordinary canopy walk adventure in the park, trek Colobus monkeys, make a round trip to the magnificent Isumo waterfalls while hiking through the Isumo Waterfall trail in Nyungwe National Park, and you can also go for an exclusive tea plantation tour experience outside Nyungwe National Park for more fun filled and great adventure moments.