Bururi Valley in Nyungwe National Park

Bururi Valley in Nyungwe National Park, is one of the beautiful valleys in Nyungwe National Park that connects a number of hiking trails in the park, blessed with a number of waterfalls. Most hikers in the park, will find themselves, taking a walk past this beautiful valley, patched with thrash and thickets that is famous for those who love the winged ones as some endangered bird species are normally spotted in the thrashes and mashes in the valley. One os the common birds spotted in the valley is the Shelley’s Crimsonwing bird. The park is home of 29 Albertine endemic birds, some of which are spotted in the Bururi valley.

During hot hours of the day, many birds seek cool breath and water in the Bururi valley in Nyungwe National Park. Number of primates can as well be encountered on your walk to the Bururi Valley, including the colobus, which love to feed in valley zone area close to Banda Community at Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park, lies in the Albertine area, bless with a number of valleys, including the bururi valley, which serves as a water tapping pot for the forest and supplies the forest with water. A number of rare tree species can as well be spotted in the valley.

Visitors to the park, who normally visit the Valley, are those so much interested in birding, to go down the valley in search of the winged ones. Most visitors to Nyungwe National Park, may not visit the valley, as it’s far and down to the steep slopes.

You can book your visit to Bururi Valley in Nyungwe National park, a long other park activities within the park such as the chimpanzee trekking, colobus monkey trekking, nature walks, canopy walk in Nyungwe forest, bird watching in Nyungwe forest and much more.

On your visit Rwanda Safaris, for gorilla trekking safari in Volcanoes National Park, end ever to include the Valley as you proceed to Nyungwe National Park, for your Rwanda safari adventure.