One and Only Nyungwe House

One and Only Nyungwe House is one of the high-end accommodation properties in Rwanda that is located inside the forest of Nyungwe in the southern Eastern part of Rwanda. This luxury accommodation is set in the side of Gisakura with the tea plantations, surrounded by rainforest set on the mountains, by staying in this super luxury lodge with comfort, one of the iconic Nyungwe National Park.  Nyungwe national park is home for 13 species of primates including chimpanzee trekking which is of tourist activity one should do once he is staying in the One and Only Nyungwe House. Other tourist’s activities include canopy walk, waterfall hike, tea plantation visit, biking, and colobus monkey trekking and hiking nature trails.

One and only nyungwe house
One and only nyungwe house

One and Only lodge has another property in Rwanda which is located in the northern part of Rwanda in the Volcanoes National Park. Its name is One and Only Gorilla Nest. This lodge is so suitable for clients who are coming for Gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, volcanoes hike all in the same National Park, Volcanoes.

One and Only Nyungwe House and One and Only Gorilla Nest both can be reached by road transport or Helicopter. For the One and Only Nyungwe House clients can use the southern western road from Kigali through Huye or the Can use Northern western road from Kigali through Musanze, rubavu and Karongi. The clients who mainly use this second road are the ones who first go for Gorilla trekking in the volcanoes national park, stays in One and Only Gorilla Nest or stays in other high-end lodges in the Volcanoes National Park like Singita Kwitonda Lodge or Bisate Lodge and continue their trip in the Nyungwe National Park.

For clients who would like to use the helicopter, they depart from Kigali International airport and land in Musanze around volcanoes National Park, for One and Only Nyungwe house has a landing terrain. When planning your trip to Rwanda and wish to stay in these properties you can contact our travel expert to put together all your travel details for coming up with the real luxury memorable trip to Rwanda.