Buhoro Trail Nyungwe National Park

Buhoro trail in Nyungwe National Park, is one of the famous hiking trails among the 15 trails in the park that has given the clients who love hiking adventure to enjoy a cool moment, exploring the nature and some of the attractions in the park. Some the 15 hiking trails in Nyungwe includes Ngabwe trail, Bigugu Trail, Congo nile divide trail, Muzimu Trail, Rukuzi trail, Igishigishigi trail, Imbaraga trail, Irebero trail, Umugote trail, Umuyove trail, Isumo waterfall, Kamiranzovu trail, Karamba Trail, Uwinka trail. The trail was named to mean “slowly” as it is very easy to hike, with little challenges. Any hiker can take part in hiking the Buhoro Trail in Nyungwe National Park.

Buhoro Trail
Buhoro trail in Nyungwe National Park

The walking trails begin at the Uwinka Park Reception.

For the visitors hiking the Trail in Nyungwe National Park, you should expect on your way to encounter some of the park’s rare species, of trees and plants, including some wildlife and primates. The colobus monkeys are so common on the trails.  Some birds like the Black-billed Tulaco, Rose Tulaco and great blue Tulaco are often sighted along the trail.

About Buhoro trail in Nyungwe National Park,

Is one of the easiest trails to hike in Nyungwe National Park, and the trail is 2km long, which can be accomplished within 2 hours of hiking experience. The trails are well maintained, and always taken good care of, you will not have any problem on hiking the Buhoro trail. Hikers on the Buhoro Trail, are advised to always carry with them enough water, and some snacks. Also advised to carry some rain jacket, as you can expect down fall any time, being a tropical rain forest. Buhoro Trail in Nyungwe National Park, can be hiked at any time/ period of the year. Year round one can visit the park and participate in the hiking adventure.

Other than hiking the Buhoro in Nyungwe National Park, one can as well involve him/ herself on the chimpanzee trekking adventure, canopy walk, and bird watching in Nyungwe as well as hiking other trail, and colobus monkey trekking in Nyungwe National Park. You can combine your visit Rwanda Safari, for Gorilla trekking safari with hiking in Nyungwe National Park.