Hiking trails in Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park is the natural forest located in the southern west of Rwanda that is known for chimpanzee trekking and other primates‘ species. When visiting this park, you should consider the hiking trails in Nyungwe National Park. These trails reward the visitors with the great chance to discover this natural forest. Nyungwe has many hiking nature trails that take visitors to all parts of the park and trails vary from one another depending on the length, altitude and time to spend for hiking that trail.

Hiking trails in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Umuyove trail

Umuyove trail is the popular trail with the Nyungwe National Park, and which is short and easy to hike. The umuyove trail reward visitors to access the primates in the park namely: chimpanzees, white, colobus monkeys, grey cheeked mangabey and Angola black monkeys.

Isumo waterfall

Isumo waterfall is the trail that end to the beautiful waterfall within the National Park of Nyungwe, visitors spot butterflies as well during the hike and, birds, insects and some primates.

Kamiranzovu hiking trail.

Kamiranzovu is one of Hiking trails in Nyungwe National Park, this trail brings you the the ancient well known Kamiranzovu swamp that is known for many orchids and brings water of Isumo waterfall.

Karamba hiking Trail.

Karamba trail reward for birds watching for clients who are hiking this trail, it is easy but requires a little physical energy as it is relatively flat and short. It is advisable for birders.

Uwinka hiking trail.

Uwinka trail is the famous Hiking trail in Nyungwe National Park, this trail is long but not strenuous. This trail is known for its big trees and mangabey and blue monkey are found on this trail.

Igishigishigi trail

Igishigishigi trail is so known for the canopy walk, this suspended bridge of 90m of length and 60m of long. This trail is so rewarding since it gives the great views of the top of the park.

Buhoro trail

Buhoro trail is one of the hiking trails in Nyungwe National Park which is so easy and the shortest of the national park since it can take only 2 hours to be done with this trail.

Imbaraga trail

The Imbaraga trail is the most energetic of all the hiking trails in Nyungwe National Park, the name imbaraga in Kinyarwanda language means energy, it takes almost 6 hours to hike the length of 10km.

Irebero trail

The Irebero trail is known to have the highest altitude of the viewpoint of all the hiking trails in Nyungwe National Park. For this trail there are beautiful flowers, birds and large rainforest trees.

Umugote hiking trail.

Umugote trail is one of the easy hiking trails in the Nyungwe National Park; 3 hours are enough to complete the hike. It got the name from the Umugote tree which is a syzygium tree encountered during the hike on this trail.

Ngabwe trail.

Ngabwe trail is rated as a moderate trail in the Nyungwe national park as it takes 3 hours to complete it, it is famous for having scenic views within this Nyungwe National Park.

Bigugu Trail

Bigugu trail is one of hiking trails in Nyungwe National Park with the highest summit in the park, it is a challenging hiking trail in the park, and this trail rewards bird watching and encounters some of unique and rare bird species.

Congo Nile Divide Trail

The Congo-Nile Divide trail is the best hiking trail in the Nyungwe NP that takes 3 days to hike 42 km trail in the area where the sources of the Congo and Nile Rivers both are found within the Nyungwe and Kibira National Parks in Rwanda and Burundi.

Muzimu Trail

Muzimu trail is the 5.2 km for the complete hike to go and back, it takes clients to the second summit of the park. It takes between 3-4 hours to complete the hike.

Rukuzi trail

Rukuzi trail reward with the option of hiking chimpanzee in the park and viewing bandas village.

Hiking trails in Nyungwe National Park are so important for nature lovers as it rewards the discovery of many orchids that Nyungwe National Park is known for as it has 160 orchids that represent the 66% of total orchid found in Rwanda.  You can contact the travel expert for arranging the memorable trip to Nyungwe.