Karamba Trail in Nyungwe National Park

Karamba Trail in Nyungwe National Park is a one unique hiking trail that is most known for the most rewarding birding experience.  Characterized by open space and numerous tree ferns flanked on both its sides, the trail premiers amongst the many other walking trails in the park as the best for avid bird watchers.

Buhoro trail

Nyungwe National Park is well known as a birders haven that features most of the incredible bird species found in Rwanda, including 26 that are endemic to the Albertine rift. In the remarkable tropical rain forests of this park is the perfect place where you can maximize all your opportunities for spotting abundant bird life, and Karamba trail in Nyungwe National Park makes for it a worthwhile hiking and bird watching experience.

This Karamba Trail in Nyungwe National Park is 4 kilometers round trip nature trail considered relatively easy to hike, and usually takes only 3 hours to complete. It requires little or no hiking experience since the trail passes through a generally flat area of verdant vegetation and thumb thickets open to the shy due. The only elevated vantage viewpoint on Karamba trail requires less physical effort to climb, and adventurously rewards hikers in the most unexpected way with pleasing views and sights.

To Hike Karamba Trail in Nyungwe National Park, the hiking experience begins from an army camp that got into place after the area was affected by human influence in the recent past, with gold mines, a market and a stone quarry for road construction materials, you will be amazed by how vegetation has steadily recovered from its disturbances. The low-lying forest species and young trees still in their early stages of regeneration have open spaces which good for clear bird viewing.

Through the flat open area of low-lying verdant vegetation, hikers on Karamba trail meet a large and deep forest ravine surrounded by tree ferns, shrubs, saplings and an herbaceous ground cover, it’s shaped with a perfect curve that provides great views of the tropical rain forests. Walking past this a few meters, you will get startled by the display of impressive white flowered orchids that are layer out on some kind of rocky ridge with hardy plants.

Karamba Trail in Nyungwe National Park also strolls through giant tree ferns, a hillside that gives great chances of viewing the pristine tropical rain forest edges where you will be able to spot a number of bird species, trek through the mountain side filled with rocky outcrops on the right, and small patch of forest that leads to the end of the trail. At this far end of Karamba trail in Nyungwe National Park is a summit with a bench where you can relax from, looking back down the trail to a deep valley with numerous overlapping ridges.

While at this end of trail with a refreshing drink and snack, enjoy the sounds of singing birds, and callings of blue monkeys, catch a glance at some birds such as the turacos before starting your journey back from your hiking adventure.

You can do your bird watching experience not only on Karamba trail but also there are other hiking trails that will grant you opportunities to watch a number of interesting bird species. Your visit to Nyungwe National Park, a home to different kinds of primate species that harbor the misty mountains of its ancient tropical rainforests, will greatly give you a breathtaking adventure experience while you do the guided nature hikes, primate treks among other incredible activities.