Bird checklist Nyungwe Forest National Park

Bird checklist Nyungwe Forest National Park, the park is located in southwestern Rwanda, is a biodiverse haven renowned for its rich avian population. As one of the largest montane rainforests in Central Africa, Nyungwe hosts an impressive array of bird species, making it a prime destination for birdwatchers and ornithologists alike. The following is the bird checklist in Nyungwe Forest.

Ruwenzori Turaco: One of the iconic birds of Nyungwe, the Ruwenzori Turaco flaunts vibrant plumage with hues of green, blue, and red. Its distinctive call echoes through the forest, adding melody to the dense foliage.

Grauer’s Swamp Warbler: This elusive bird frequents the marshy areas and streams within Nyungwe. Its intricate song and subtle brown plumage make it a challenge to spot amidst the tangled vegetation.

Purple-breasted Sunbird: Adorned with iridescent feathers, the Purple-breasted Sunbird flits among the flowering plants, sipping nectar with its slender beak. Its shimmering colors catch the sunlight, adding a touch of brilliance to the forest understory.

Blue-headed Sunbird: Another sunbird species found in Nyungwe, the Blue-headed Sunbird, sports a striking cobalt-blue head contrasting against its yellow underparts. It darts among the blooms, competing with other nectar-loving species for sustenance.

Grauer’s Rush Warbler: Skulking in the tangled vegetation near water bodies, the Grauer’s Rush Warbler remains inconspicuous with its cryptic plumage. Patient observers may catch glimpses of this secretive bird as it forages for insects and small invertebrates.

Red-collared Babbler: With its distinctive red collar and olive-green plumage, the Red-collared Babbler congregates in small flocks, emitting a chorus of melodious calls as they move through the forest understory.

Dusky Crimsonwing: Endemic to the Albertine Rift, the Dusky Crimsonwing is a sought-after species for bird enthusiasts visiting Nyungwe. Its dusky plumage and crimson highlights make it a striking sight amidst the moss-covered branches.

White-headed Woodhoopoe: Sporting a white head and chestnut body, the White-headed Woodhoopoe moves in small groups, probing crevices and bark for insects and grubs. Its distinctive cackling calls resonate through the forest canopy.

Kungwe Apalis: Named after the Kungwe Mountains, the Kungwe Apalis is a tiny songbird endemic to Nyungwe. Its olive-green plumage and distinctive vocalizations make it a prized find for birdwatchers exploring the park’s trails.

Rwenzori Nightjar: Active at dusk and dawn, the Rwenzori Nightjar roosts among the dense foliage during the day, camouflaging itself against tree bark. Its haunting calls add an air of mystery to Nyungwe’s nocturnal realm.

These ten species represent merely a fraction of Nyungwe’s avian diversity. Exploring the forest’s varied habitats, from montane rainforest to marshy clearings, unveils a treasure trove of birdlife waiting to be discovered and appreciated. From colorful sunbirds to cryptic warblers, Nyungwe Forest National Park stands as a sanctuary for birds and a testament to Rwanda’s commitment to conservation.