Where to stay at Nyungwe National Park.

Are you in search for where to stay at Nyungwe National Park, upon your visit, or working at your budget to see, you get a place to sleep over when you have a tour to Nyungwe National Park? There are a number of accommodations and where to stay at Nyungwe National Park ranging from budget camping at the park, to top high end resorts. No matter the budget, you will still get accommodation at Nyungwe National Park.

Camping ground is available to the park reception ground at Gisakura, as well as the different lodges that do rent out their ground for visitors who would wish to go camping. For the standard lodges, Kent Balm, Gisakura Visitor Center, and Nyungwe Nziza Eco Lodge, do carter for the friendly budgeted clients, while those who seek mid – range market, Emeraude Kivu Resort, and newly built Mantis Kivu Marina hotel is available.

Mantis Kivu Marina hotel can also cater for the up market due to availability of suits and deluxe rooms.

Nyungwe Top View hotel, which has served guests here for a while, still can handle mid – range clients.

One & Only Nyungwe House, is a hidden gem in the area, with all available in place, for those who want to be treated to luxury service. Located at the edge of the forest, the resort has a great view of the forest and the surrounding tea plantation gardens. No matter your budget, you will still get where to stay at Nyungwe National Park, upon your visit.

There are a number of activities to encounter on your visit, from primate trekking, nature walks, hikes, bird watching and community visit. Book a memorable trip to Nyungwe National Park, assured of accommodation, though advance booking is required due to limited facilities in the area, as in high season there is great demand for the properties.