Rusizi Village Market Visiting Experience

Rusizi village market is one of the unique daily activities that happens in a small town of Rusizi closest to Nyungwe National Park after Kamembe, it is on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rusizi village market visit can be done at any day of the week throughout the year, it is an interesting adventure to meet with the locals as they work through their daily hustles.

Rusizi town is an interesting area in the western province of Rwanda that has incredibly magnificent sceneries, while in this town, tourists are able to have stunning views of the beautiful Lake Kivu, you can enjoy fascinating sceneries across the border in the Congolese city of bukavu.

This Rusizi village market visit is an active and fun filled adventure experience that immerses you into interactions with the local indigenous people who are always in this market selling and buying items that help them on survival with their families and daily living in their villages.

Rusizi village market visit enables tourists to have an insight about the traditional lifestyle and culture of Rwandans while relating with them on a personal level. You will have the opportunity to interact with vendors face to face in this market and get to know about how they run their daily business, learn one or two Kinyarwanda words, with your guide tour around the market to learn about the local items, equipments, art crafts, fabrics, different types of food stuffs, vegetables and fruits that are sold and grown in Rwanda.

Get involved into the game of bargaining and trying to a win an item or food stuff at your convenient price, and enjoy the art used by these vendors to win over clients buying their items, which will change your personal perspective on how things go down in the local markets when compared to buying from food stores in urban centers. Usually, you will find items in this area selling at cheaper prices compared to other markets such as Kimironko Market in Kigali.

A great highlight to Rusizi village market visit is the many varieties of different kinds of food stuffs that are always put on an open display for visitors to easily identify, you can decide to purchase some items such as fruits or art crafts like baskets to take back home as souvenirs.

For more fun and adventure after walking around the market for 1 or 2 hours, you can complement it with a walk to the Congolese border (Bukavu) or go for a boat trip in Lake Kivu which will give you the most tremendous experiences filled with fun memories.

Rusizi town is closest to Nyungwe National Park in just an hour’s drive and that means you can visit the Rusizi Village Market after your magical adventure activities in Nyungwe’s tropical rainforests which include Chimpanzee trekking, Canopy Walk, Colobus Monkey trekking, Waterfall’s hiking, Nature walks among others which will give you greatest safari moments in Rwanda’s southern and western province. Other visitors who combine their Gorilla trekking safaris and Golden Monkey treks in Volcanoes National Park with Primates in Nyungwe can also do be able to do the Rusizi Village Market visit on their way to the either of the two parks.