Orchids in Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe is home to over 140 species of orchids; eight of them are endemic in Rwanda. Orchids in Nyungwe are many as it host 68% of all orchids of Rwanda, and it is one of the great concentrations of orchids all over the world. Nyungwe National park has dramatic terrestrial orchid species including the beautiful Polystachya virginea.  Nyungwe National park is located in the Southern West of Rwanda, and only natural rain forest of its kind in the region. A part of orchids in the nyungwe national park, this park has many fauna and flora that are endemic plants, amphibians, reptile, bird species and other mammals.

When planning to see orchids in Nyungwe National Park, you should include on your bucket list the trek of chimpanzee since Nyungwe National park is known for 13 species of primates including the famous Chimpanzee. You can as well add on your list the canopy walk which is a suspended bridge inside the park that rewards you with the view of the top of the forest and you can still see some primates.

Orchids in Nyungwe national park can be spot during the hike of the nature trails that are inside in this forest, one of those trails is Isumo trail or waterfall trail, during the hike through this nature trail, clients pass by to the kamiranzovu swamp which is the largest peat bog in Africa and home to many terrestrials including Eulophia horsfellii seen below, left with large pink flowers on 3m flower spikes. Other terrestrial species include Cynorchis kassneriana (below centre) found alongside roads and tracks and Calanthe sylvatica (below right) living in deep shade in damp leaf litter. Part of orchids in the Nyungwe National park, we have types of flora within the park

When you are planning the trip in Rwanda and wish to discover the orchids in Nyungwe National Park, you can contact the travel expert to put together your travel details and come up with a memorable trip in this country located in the Easter Africa.