Nyamagabe district

Nyamagabe  district, one of the 7 Districts  of the Southern Province of Rwanda. The district lies between the city of Butareand Rusizi the south-west of Rwanda. It also contains the eastern half of Nyungwe rain forest, a popular tourist destination, being one of the last remaining natural forest areas of Rwanda and home to chimpanzees and many other species of primates.  Nyamagabe is attractive to tourists with a number of attractions. Among them include:

Kitabi Cultural Village

On the top of a fairly elevated hill, just a few meters from the entrance of Nyungwe Park, there is a collection of small structures named “Kitabi Cultural Village” developed by local cooperatives “The friends of Nyungwe” under the support of the Rwanda tourism Office “RDB”.
It is a unique destination that promotes community-based tourism by involving local communities in the preservation of Rwanda’s culture and heritage. It offers day trips, king’s hut accommodation, royal ambiance, royal ambiance, traditional music and dance, community walk through a tea and banana plantation as well as camping sites.  Seemingly, one reason for the establishment is its strategic position which provides a wonderful view of Nyungwe rain forest and other surrounding hills and villages; giving the visitors a glimpse into the beautiful nature of the neighborhood.

Murambi Genocide Memorial

The Murambi Genocide Memorial was created on 21st April 1995. During the genocide, the Tutsis of this region sought sanctuary at Murambi, where a technical school was being constructed. Today Murambi serves as one of six National Genocide Memorial Sites, and contains the remains of approximately 50,000 victims killed at the technical school, including some remains exhumed from the surrounding area. Only 34 people from this site are believed to have survived the genocide. The 21st of April every year is dedicated to the commemoration of the victims of Murambi.

Kibeho Sanctuary

Kibeho is known as a place of apparition and pilgrimage and majority of Christians come to see the Shrine of Kibeho lady.